CCLA Webland Telangana land Records Online

CCLA Webland Telangana land Records Online TS Land Records Online Dharani Processor Map Download Bhoomi Bahani Survey Number Verification. In the state of Telangana, the CCLA Webland Telangana portal was published online. Today, the digital campaign in our country operates in every state. Through this portal, citizens can check land records and Tarani. So, we are here today to give you all the information related to this new online portal. Also, it will help the commoners to check the details of their property online.

CCLA Webland Telangana

Based on Telangana wetland maps, land records, and other details. If you like it too, get more details. Then stay with us. Citizens can apply for various important documents through this service. Due to Govt 19, you can keep all the information on your computer in your home as everyone avoids going outside.

The Telangana state government has also worked hard to provide online services. Also, there are various benefits to starting this online. The government has also brought transparency in the work technology of government officials. So, now you do not have to go to any government office to get knowledge. Because, on the online web land, the government has made the information available.

CCLA TS Land Records Online 2022

This portal is also known as the Ma Bhoomi Portal. However, you must first log in to the official link. Because without a login you will not be able to access any details. The benefit provided by the government is available only to registered users. Chief Minister of Telangana Mr. K. Chandrasekhar Rao has introduced this portal.

In addition, this portal is a stop solution for accessing details related to agricultural land records and non-agricultural land records within the state of Telangana. Before this portal, for every work related to the Government, the citizen has to visit the concerned department. But now you can see CCLA Webland Telangana for land details.

CCLA Webland Telangana
CCLA Webland Telangana

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Services provided under Webland Telangana:

  • ROR are records of rights
  • Land transaction securities
  • Revenue court cases data
  • Integrated land search
  • Cadastral maps of the countryside
  • Property tax payment details
  • Data from civil court cases

Consequently, CCLA stands for Chief Commissioner of Land Administration. Therefore, applicants can get all the land details from this portal. Before this portal, people should see the government official. Earlier two new portals were launched. But, if so, people are confused as to where to get the relevant details.

The name of the portal CCLA Webland Telangana
Initiated by Telangana Chief Minister Mr. K. Chandrasekhar Rao
Under the portal State Government of Telangana
Department Revenue Department
Benefit Issuance of digital records for land under the State.
The main purpose Digital services
Year 2022
Beneficiaries Citizen of the State of Telangana
Official website link

TS Land Records Survey No.

CCLA Webland Portal, Benefits of Telangana:

  • Firstly, now any citizen can easily get the details of the land involved within Telangana.
  • In addition, it promoted the Digital Making India campaign across the state.
  • Second, the revenue department of Telangana is responsible to the people in cases of discrepancies.
  • Then all land-related services and policies are digitized through this portal.
  • With the help of CCLA Webland, a platform for agricultural and non-agricultural land records has been developed.
  • With online services, both money and citizens’ time are saved by the government.
  • As all systems are computerized, errors during offline registration will be reduced.
  • Also, a land record contains a wide range of details, so it can be stored digitally and transparently.

CCLA Webland Telangana

In addition, Ma Bumi or CCLA has been developed to obtain details of agricultural land records. And Dharani for obtaining Integrated Land Record Management (ILRMS) or non-agricultural land records. But to stop the confusion, the government has linked these two portals together.

List of initiatives taken through the CCLA Portal:

1. Land Records Portal
2. eKYC for land records
3. SCCL Land Regulation GO 76
4. ULC Land Regulation GO 92
5. Land regulations GO 58 and 59
6. ULC land regulation management system as per GO No. 747
7. Outstanding GO 166 appl Land Regulation GO 179

However, on this portal, details can also be found district-wise. There is also a personal portal link to various districts in the state of Telangana. Thus the citizen can easily get the details of their land. With the help of online media, the government has made it possible for ordinary people to collect information easily.

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Name of the district to which the portal is attached
Adilabad பத்ராத்ரி கொத்தகுடேம் Hyderabad
By Jake Jangovan Jayasankar Poopalappalli
Jogulamba Katwal Comments Karimnagar
கம்மம் Kumuram Beam (Asifabad) Mahabubabad
Mahabubnagar Infertility Medak
Matsal-Malkajigiri முலுகு Nagercoil
நல்கொண்டா Narayanpet Nirmal
Nizamabad Bethappalli Rajanna Sirsilla
Rangareddy Sankaretti சித்திபேட்டை
Suryapet Vikarabad வனபர்த்தி
Warangal (rural) Warangal (urban) Yadatri Bhubaneswar

However, the revenue department has the oldest administrative area of ​​government. It also plays an important role in all the administrative functions of the state. Therefore, it works at both urban and rural levels. Although the main purpose of the department is to maintain revenue records. Also, protect all details of land or property.

Telangana Earth Records Online

Steps to Obtain Telangana ROR 1B and Pahani Documents:

  • First, a person must go through the official website of the CCLA Webland Portal.
TS Earth logs Online
  • After that, you will see a new page open in front of you. This is the home page of the official portal.
  • So, click on the Citizens Service section on the homepage.
  • After that, click on the status of your land in the menu provided.
  • Then another page will appear.
  • Additionally, you have to go to the option of Pahani and ROR 1B.
  • So you have to select some fields given in the form like district, division, zone, village, account number, and survey number.
  • Finally, click the Get Details button.
  • Then a list of host names will appear in front of you.
  • Also, if you want a hard copy of the details, click on the print option as well.

TS Earth Records Survey No.

Procedure for obtaining a certified copy of the land-related document from the portal:

  • First, candidates should visit the official website of the CCLA Telangana Portal.
  • So, a new page will appear, it will be the home page of the official website.
  • Then, click on the Government Form link available here.
Know the condition of your land
  • After that, online land registrations, pahani and ROR 1B.
  • Second, a form list will appear in front of you. Then you have to select the option that suits your needs.
  • Therefore, it is required after clicking the link. A form will be displayed on your computer.
  • Then you have to fill in all the details asked here.
  • After uploading, the documents were requested here.
  • Finally, click the Submit button.
  • After that, you can get a certified copy of the relevant document soon.

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