Kraken Crypto Mission a Smart Play

Long-distance work, injustice, and content in the workplace have become stressful topics during coronavirus infections; Corporate cultural conflicts are beginning to appear in the public eye.

Recently, CraganA famous Crypto exchanges work has released a cultural model that every employee should follow, and at a time when the company is surrounded by controversy, its CEO has been accused of making “hurtful comments” by some of his co-workers.

Insights into the Cragan Company culture – real or on paper?

The company’s work begins with a cultural commentator quote, “Just as two individuals may be compatible or incompatible with each other, an individual and an organization may be compatible or incompatible.

Cragan Crypto believes that it is common to all, and since the power to determine the rules of this decentralized system does not belong to anyone, not even the strongest bureaucrat or politician, the notion of money as the source of work has been revolutionized.

Cracken’s dreams of a decentralized world

Bitcoin Takes money from politics. The conclusion is that any person can trade on the Bitcoin network until the cryptographically confirms the ownership of its keys. The company believes that Cryptocurrency Has changed the lifestyle of millions of people.

Many blockchain applications outside of Bitcoin are creating a surge of diversified financial efforts that are already tackling the real issues. Defi Yield Agriculture Self-service of the lower and middle class allows them to obtain financial income in an unauthorized manner. NFTs Transforming traditional ownership records, IDs, and event tickets, enabling a new kind of digital art. As part of the Internet 3.0 initiative, much of the centralized Internet will be made free and better.

Kraken’s mission is to increase the acceptance of global crypto-assets because the company firmly believes that it will improve the quality of life of billions of individuals. New The era of human development. “

The company aims to make this goal a reality by creating a connection between the old and new worlds, interacting with people, and trying to lead them neatly in a way that is organic, safe, entertaining, and the best for everyone they have ever done. Known.

Focus on customer experience and customer service

The core values ​​of this mission are unparalleled customer experience and customer service. Cragan believes the crypto space is growing at an astounding pace, and the company should be ready to highlight it at any time due to various unforeseen external circumstances.

Time should be taken to understand the basics that can have an impact on the company’s customers and the business it carries out and to know the latest developments.

Learning efforts by the company, for employees

Each crocodile is expected to devote a few hours each week to education. To ensure this, the company has introduced various learning initiatives such as the Grogan Chat Rooms, the Cragan Daily Market Health Report, the Grogan Intelligence Daily Newsletter, the Cragan Intelligence Research Reports, and the Grogan crypto learning and development courses.

Croconites should use the company’s products and competitors’ products, and get user feedback when creating a new product. In any crocodile, in any activity, the company cannot define or interpret the offers of its customers if asked. Because Krakenites depend on results, the company places more value on knowledge and skills than on qualifications and presentation.

A perfect cryoconite with good intentions and thick skin. While it is not the company’s intention to offend any person, it has been realized that in a global business that prioritizes team dynamics over personal feelings, it is inevitable.

The company employs people from more than 70 countries who speak 50 languages ​​and represent a diverse population. As a result, the company will inevitably have different personal standards and beliefs. As a result, it accepts and embraces diversity as a reality.

New York Times revelations about Kraken

Although CraganWork ethic ethics is fine on paper, however, there are serious allegations by its former employees in a report published by the New York Times. Jesse Powell, CEO of Cryptocurrency exchange KrakenHe questioned the use of preferred pronouns, discussed who was allowed to use racist comments, and called American women “brainwashed.”

Powell is reported to be leading a debate. “The N-word may refer to another person. “Discussion of Women’s Intelligence and Risk Ability Against Men for Employees”Is not solved as one could imagine. “

Some employees have publicly criticized the CEO for making “harsh” comments. Others have accused him of creating a hostile work environment that is detrimental to their mental health. Dozens of people who do not want to make this public for fear of repercussions say they are thinking about leaving.

According to this revelation, the release of the work culture sheet by the CEO may be a cover to divert attention from the issue. As people become aware of issues related to workplace safety, security, and diversity, it will be interesting to see how these allegations adversely affect the growth of the exchange.

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