Serum/USD Witnessing Moderate Gains Serum Price Forecast for July

Serum/USD is at the top of the daily movers list with a modest move of around 4% today. This performance is commendable considering the current situation in the crypto market. As a result, Serum Movement has given the crypto to reach the $1.107 price level today.

Serum Current Price: $1.107
Serum Market Cap: 288.9 Million
Serum total supply: 1.1 billion
Serum rank: 98

Key Stages:
Resistance: $1.104, $1.105, $1.107
Support: $1.100, $1.090, $1.080


Serum/USD Price Prediction: Serum achieves modest gains

At this point, the Serum/USD The daily chart depicts moderate bullishness. Also, it has made it better than all other cryptos. Also, looking at this chart, we can realize that the 9/21 MA (Moving Average) has managed to cross itself below the price move. However, the subsequent intersection of these lines below the price action provided only minimal impetus to the value of SER/USD. Additionally, the fast and slow MA lines are now diverging, indicating less chance of further appreciation. Therefore, serum highs can see new resistance at $1.200.

Additionally, the SRSI (Stochastic Relative Strength Index) indicator shows that the crypto has reached an overbought zone. Also, a critical analysis of this indicator shows that the increase in value has reached its terminal level. This is reflected in the behavior of the indicator lines because they are intertwined.


Serum/USD Price Prediction: Serum price upside may be weak

From the short-term chart of 4 hours, we can see that the strength of this uptrend is diminishing. On the chart, most of the last four candles are engulfed by the MA lines. We can see that the last candle went above the two MA lines. Should the SRSI lines cross each other for a trend reversal, this would bring lower support near the serum $1.080. Traders who previously bought the crypto at around $0.800 will take profits if the price drops to $1.080.


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